• diy floating shelves coffee bar

    DIY Coffee Bar/Floating Shelves

    As you know, we DIY’ed a TON of our condo makeover. You’ve seen the DIY floating shelves for our bar and as the mantle in our living room. Now I used the same process for our coffee bar in our kitchen! Read more…

  • diy stenciled linoleum floors

    Before & After: DIY Stencil Floors

    I’m sure you’ve seen those amazingly Pinterest-perfect patterned tiled floors before in kitchens, bathrooms, and sometimes laundry rooms…but have you ever thought that those may have been stenciled?! I used $50 and a few weeks’ worth of dirty work to DIY our old linoleum master bath floors…and here is how I did it! Read more…


  • buffalo-chicken-dip-cover

    Crock-pot Buffalo Ranch Chicken Dip

    My favorite season is here – FOOTBALL SEASON! And that means tons of tailgating and hosting!! Over the years of living with boys, I’ve perfected my football game snackage. I’ve been asked multiple times to share one of my best smash hits to-date which is my cheesy buffalo ranch chicken dip…it’s one of those easy […] Read more…

  • pizookie gooey recipe

    Gooey Pizookie Recipe (Cookie Skillet)

    Last week was a really long week, so I decided that I deserved to indulge a little. On Saturday night instead of going out, I decided to master the cookie skillet/pizookie. Where I grew up (on the rough streets of North Scottsdale), we would go to Zipps every weekend in high school (a local sports bar) to […] Read more…


  • havasupai falls grand canyon arizona trip tips and packing list


    There are no words to explain this trip…but I will try my very hardest. This place is like the Garden of Eden except with turquoise waters, the greenest of greenery, and the most peaceful, serene, adventurous vibes from the environment and all of the people there. If you’re thinking about going, I’ll give you a […] Read more…

  • glamping

    Glamping 101: An outdoorsy diva’s guide to camping comfortably

    Hello, camping season!! To me, there is nothing like being in the mountains – the crisp fresh air, birds chirping all around, and the endless activities and adventures there are to explore. But don’t get me wrong…just because I love the outdoors doesn’t mean that I’m a hippie who doesn’t clip her toenails or shave her […] Read more…


  • burlap tote style market bag

    New Year = Old Habits

    Ever since my injury last year, I’ve struggled to find a balance in life with the right exercise for me because I can no longer do high intensity activities that I love like sprinting and plyometric workouts. This year, I’ve focused on nailing that down by combining a mix of barre, yoga, and my new […] Read more…

  • holiday gift list

    My Holiday Gift List

    Here’s a gift list for all you procrastinators that still need to buy some gifts! I made sure to include something for everyone in here. Good luck gifting! [show_boutique_widget id=”516448″] Read more…